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Real Estate Salespersons vs Real Estate Investors

There is a big difference between Real Estate Sales Person and Real Estate Investor...

There is a big difference between Real Estate Sales Person and Real Estate Investor. When you have a big decision to make, surely you would like an expert view and guidance as an assurance you are across everything and therefore make the best decision, not someone who rarely, if not never, have experiences in that particular field.

Unfortunately, a lot of times, that is not the approach most people take for one of the biggest decisions in their life: deciding on investing in property and hope someday they will finally achieve financial freedom. Instead of looking for the right advice and guidance on which investment assets to purchase from the Real Estate Investors, they come to the Real Estate Sales Persons which most of the time, are amateur, or even not, property investors.

Firstly, let’s talk about Real Estate Sales Person.

There is one little secret in the industry that most people do not realise about the traditional role of real estate agents. Their focus is on using their skills and experiences on facilitating the people who want to sell their properties (vendors) through listing the properties on major websites, such as and, and hoping the potential buyers to engage them in the transaction. Their main interest is to maximise their sales numbers so that they can gain the maximum sales commission, paid exclusively by the vendors.

In addition to that, there are also some hidden advantages for the agents. They gain their brand awareness and exposure in the most visited property websites at the expense of the vendors. Their signboard at the property inspection can also be charged back to the vendors. In summary, the Real Estate Sales Agents leverage on the needs of the vendors who fork thousands of dollars with the hope of getting their property sold.

These traditional real estate agents are what we call Real Estate Sales Persons. They are just like normal salespersons (who are probably unique with their attributes behind them) such as car salesmen, shopkeepers, or any other salespersons. They only work to get the deal done and their main interest is their commissions. They earn their living by meeting up the vendors and buyers under their flag at the full expense of the vendors.

Let’s move on to the next one which is Real Estate Investor.

Real Estate Investor is the game player in the investment property, someone who put down hundreds of thousands of dollars or even millions of dollars from their own money in the game. They are not there passively as a spectator, but to participate as an active player in that game.

To be a good property investor, you need to learn first on where and when to go. These two keys are the cores of the decision-making process on property investing because being a property investor is not just a simple A-B-C step. It requires a lot of effort, calculations, experience, big picture of market, secondary market buyer awareness and plenty of other things to consider at the same time.

Our Principal, Chandra Leonardi has spent millions of dollars in many years to build continuous positive cashflow property portfolio growth. He has learned from many successful investors who have proven track records with hundreds of millions of dollars in their portfolios. Also, he has been implementing property strategies like property development, renovation, subdivision, forced capital appreciation, SMSF, positive cashflow investments, and many more.

“To catch a big fish, you need a better bait”. While you are learning, you will continuously change the bait to a better one – Chandra Leonardi.

Below are the real questions to find out if someone is a property investor:

  • Are you investing yourself in properties?

  • How long have you been investing?

  • Do you earn any profits from your investments?

  • How much profits do you gain from your investment properties?

  • Do your investment properties perform as you expected?

  • Are the investments positive cashflow or capital growth?

  • How do you choose between cashflow positive and capital growth investment?

  • How to see the right property investment?

  • How does your ownership structure work?

  • Do we need to be afraid of forking out cash for LMI?

  • What are the tax implications of having investment properties?

  • How to structure investment property home loans?

  • What are the long-term goals of your investment properties?

  • All of above questions are supposed to be asked or presented to any property investors to rate their depth of knowledge and experience of their portfolios.

  • We believe: “If they can’t help themselves in making money through property investments, how do they help others?”

Successful property investors know the answers to the above questions. In the end, to conclude, property investors need to be cautious from whom they get their investment property advice. Our team would be available to assist in any sort of property needs with our extensive knowledge, skills, and experiences in the property industry.

Capital Value International Group has led to multi-million-dollar portfolio of investment properties in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. To book your appointment in your investment journey, please email us to or call one of our team members.

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