Over the years Capital Value International Group (CVIG) and Billbergia have built a strong relationship based on honesty and trust. Both companies have grown together and worked hand-in-hand to support each other and bring added value to their investors. With a 100% settlement record from CVIG purchasers, Billbergia has entrusted the company to be the ‘Priority Agent’ and build a better synergy between buyers and property.

CVIG is proud to accept the Billbergia Award for Excellence. This accolade is only given to the top agents with extremely high sales figures, and very few agencies are in a position to receive this sought-after prize.

Chandra Leonardi (Principal of CVIG) is excited that the partnership has grown to such heights. “I never knew we would come this far and I’m sure the best is yet to come,” he said. “High integrity and professionalism have always been in our agents’ blood, and this will take us even further.”

With this award, CVIG has committed to strengthening the relationship with clients, purchasers, and all agents that have been working together. The team is in Sydney to make a difference, and that’s why they are different from others. They show honest valuation and offer expert opinions that are professional, analytical, and responsible.

Contact one of CVIG’s agents to find out more and discover the difference that Capital Value International Group can make to your real estate needs.

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